Kagugu Dairy Farm (KDF)

K.D.F is a 150 hectare modern dairy farm located at Kagugu at the outskirts of Ki- gali. It is a modern cattle farm which houses some 239 hybrid Friesian cows producing over 1, 600 litres of milk per day. KDF has a mechanized milking facilities as well as modern cooling and milk treatment equipment. With KDF, our vision is to be the best provider of diverse high quality dairy products.

KDF has ventured in production of biogas used as a source of energy at the farm. Biogas is produced from cow dung. Biogas is used for cooking on the farm, produce electric- ity used on the farm. The by-product in the production of biogas is used as organic fertilizers in the gardens of maize, soy beans and other crops for the animals.

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