Quality Steel products

UFAMETAL is the leading producer of quality steel products in Rwanda, with far reaching. Influence on both local and regional markets. Visit our facto- ry today to place your order ; our factory is located at PETROCOM Headquarters, Kigali, Petrocom house, Avenue des poids lourds. We manufacture the strongest steel products you can ever have on the market because we use quality raw materials imported from South Africa, India, and China. Come talk to us about any kind of your construction need, We will customize any of our steel products to your exact specification. When you place your order and specifications of the ironsheets, we produce and deliver within 12 hours in any colour that brings out the perfect beauty of your house.
Our Iron sheets suits all weather conditions and are well coated to resist the penetration of rain and not prone to rust and its effects.

We manufacture prepainted iron sheets in various pro- files and thicknesses for build up and home roofing. UFA- METAL prepainted iron sheets are available in 0.40, 0.34, 0.30, 0.25mm ; Gauges : 26, 28, 30 and 32 UFAMETAL ironsheets are manufactured from prepainted plain steel. This ensures the sheets last with their original colour and beautiful until age out We produce flat sheets of 1.25 and 1.5, 2mm, 6mm

UFAMETAL produces different construction materials ; colour roofing sheets, plane sheets using about 600 tons of hot rolled coils, 200 tons of pre-paint- ed coils and 300 tons of galvanized steel sheets per month. It also produces metal pipes, tubes, gutters, and sheets ridges that are well suited for the consumer needs and are at par with other steel manufacturing industries on the continent. The colourful roofing sheets made are pre-painted steel ; this state of the art technology long lasting vivid colours.

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