KG 526 Street, P.O Box: 1576 - Kigali - RWANDA

About Us




Petrocom Ltd is an incorporated limited liability company whose core business is international transportation of petroleum products and dry cargo. From a humble beginning, with a considerably small fleet of 15 trucks, the company fleet has today expanded to 162 trucks and trailers engaged in cross-border transportation of the following lines of business ;


Petroleum products, including ; Jet Fuel (Benzene), LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas), Petrol and Diesel, Lubricants (Industrial and Automobile).


Dry-cargo, principally Made-teas for Rwanda Mountain Tea (RMT) to the Port of Mombasa in Kenya, and on return journey, bring in cargo such as soap, coils, among other consignments.

For over two decades, Petrocom Ltd operated as a Group of companies, including, Transport and Logistics, UFAMETAL for iron and steel products, Kagugu Diary, Concrete and Batching Plant. Following the restructuring of the Group of companies, Petrocom Ltd, is now a separate legal entity—engaged in transportation logistics services,.

Petrocom strives to be acknowledged by our customers as an integral part of their supply chain requirements within Rwanda and throughout the rest of the EAC Countries.

Our blend of owned fleet of new and good conditioned trucks, innovative solutions, strategic partnerships, coupled with excellent service, quick decision making and first-hand knowledge enables us to supply our customers with a tailor made, reliable and cost e-ective transportation solutions.